Be INSPIRED by the world’s top Olympic hopefuls - in  Pursuit of Perfection. 

The Olympic Games in Beijing this summer are fast approaching. After a lifetime of training, the world’s elite athletes 
will be judged in a matter of minutes or seconds.  How will they perform at their peak - just when the world’s eyes 
will focus on them? And who will rise to the top, transcend borders and inspire people all over the world?

We are pleased to offer for licensing an inspiring new series about OLYMPIANS IN PURSUIT OF PERFECTION. This is a series of up to 50 video vignettes, each between 60-90 seconds, profiling athletes from around the world. You can now preview our first dozen stories in our series by clicking on the links at the top of this page, or by visiting this link: www.worldbizwatch.com/streaming/DHL/st-OlympiansDHL-2.html    Here you’ll meet top Olympic gymnasts from China, the US, Japan, Korea, Australia, Germany and Canada - with many more profiles on the way, including athletes in other sports, such as basketball, track & field, volleyball. 

Our vignettes  can be customized to seamlessly integrate corporate sponsors. We help them associate their brand names with the values of perfection, achievement and high performance. And this can be done at the perfect time - just as Olympic fever reaches its height.  As an example, we customized our first dozen vignettes to promote DHL as the corporate sponsor, whose logo is “All the Way.”  And we promote the sponsor in three ways: 1. at the top and bottom of the narration, 2. as a “bug” in the lower corner of the screen, and 3. by digitally placing corporate  logos in the sports arena. To learn more about licensing our content, please contact our agent or email  info@worldbizwatch.com. http://www.worldbizwatch.com/streaming/DHL/st-OlympiansDHL-2.htmlmailto:info@worldbizwatch.comshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1